What is First Aid for Nurses?


First Aid for Nurses is dedicated to helping nurses and caregivers who may be overwhelmed, dealing with compassion fatigue,  exhaustion or feeling burned out. We can provide quick and easy ways to relieve stress and replenish your energy so that you can  live a brighter life. 


First Aid for Nurses - F.A.N. believes that helping caregivers find stress relief can improve many areas of life. There is much more to life than just work.  We want you to be empowered  to step into the best version of your whole life.


Overwhelm, compassion fatigue, exhaustion and burnout is prevalent in healthcare and the nursing profession.  Having  looked at the statistics, it has caught our attention in a big way. We want to help you offset some of the difficult and long term negative outcomes of these problems. We know this because of personal experience. And having come out on the other side, we want you to know that there are solutions that can help you immediately and provide lasting change. We invite you to take a look at what we have to offer. Consider joining one of our group coaching  classes, or click on the "Connect with Us" button below to chat with us about private coaching or workshops. We are ready and willing to help you take first steps towards a healthier version of you! 







TRansformational COACHING

Are you looking for lasting change in your life? First Aid for Nurses private coaching is a life changing experience. We provide empowerment for  caregivers by offering techniques that create lasting change in managing stress. If you want immediate relief with  tools that you can easily apply and continue using, you have come to the right place. We can lighten the load of stress that you are carrying and  guide you safely through a lasting transformational experience. Connect with us and we will get you started!  


GROUP coaching

Would you be more comfortable in a group rather than one on one? If you like working in a group setting, coaching is also available via tele seminars and workshops on an ongoing basis.  We have  small group formats both live and virtually. 

Working in a small group is a dynamic experience that can have dramatic results beyond what you might expect. 

For more information on upcoming classes use the 'connect with us' button to email us.


Live workshops and presentations

First Aid for Nurses is available to present for large and small groups, keynotes, and facilitation at meetings, retreats and conferences, large or small. Presentations are engaging and dynamic with up to date information on the latest developments in stress reduction and self care. 

Experiential learning is what we do best. Your participants will walk away with the very best we have to offer in new skills for stress reduction and self care.  Contact us today to book a time.






You not only deserve it, you have earned the right to it. For you to deny the care you so generously give to others is just not right. Is it possible for nurses to feel better? We think the answer is YES.


 From our direct experience in nursing, we have discovered that:

  • It is possible to start your next shift less upset, less angry, and even feeling less pressured by negative relationships, power dynamics and mis-communication that may be surrounding you in your work setting
  •  There is concrete language and steps that are easy to learn, that will give you room to breathe as the hours pass
  • And even if you haven’t rested or slept enough, there are sips of rejuvenation and energy renewal to be experienced that you can have when needed
  • There are specific tools that can be learned in less than an hour that can lighten the load of stress and ease the compassion fatigue that you might be carrying. This in turn can help offset future problems with managing stress as well.


F.A.N. empowers nurses and caregivers by offering techniques that are transformational in managing stress and provide relief so that you can step into the best version of your life. To begin your journey, click the 'connect with us' button below!